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1980 - Zhongchang Wire Drawing Factory – Mr. Li Youquan, founder of Zhonglian Group, founded in Hengli, Dongguan

1982 - Renamed "Zhonglian Wire Factory" - moved back to Foshan Nanhai Huangqi and opened up production lines

       ——1985 – Founded Foshan Zhangye Wire Factory (factory)

1989 - Renamed "Nanhai Zhonglian Cable Factory" – Headquartered in Foshan Nanhai Huangpi

1996 – Guangdong Cable Industry Co., Ltd. was established

       ——1999 – wholly-owned “Foshan Nanhai Huangfeihong Zhonglian Cable Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Group” – Promoting Chinese traditional culture: Wushu, Dragon Boat, South Lion

       ——1999 – Investment completed “Zhonglian Hotel”

       ——2000 – Investment completed “Guangdong Hualitong Transformer Co., Ltd.”

       ——2004 – Investment completed “Foshan Nanhai Zhonglian Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.”

2009 – Guangdong Zhonglian Cable Group Co., Ltd. officially listed

       ——2009 – Established “Foshan Nanhai Lian Property Investment Management Co., Ltd.”

       ——2009 – Established “Foshan Nanhai Dali Zhonglian Feihong Kindergarten”

       ——2012 – Entering real estate, successively developing and constructing “Xinkai Square” and “Jinghua Plaza (Foshan Commercial New Landmark)”

* At this point, Zhonglian Cable Group has realized a diversified business model and has become a comprehensive group company integrating manufacturing industry, cultural industry, service industry and real estate development industry!

2018 – Construction of the new plant in Heshun and Gui Industrial Park, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City! Guangdong Zhonglian Cable Group Co., Ltd., the company headquarters and its three companies completed the move.

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